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Duration: 60 minutes

Through: 1) Zoom Live

                2) Correspondence by Email

Tuition per class
(as of 2024)
       Private(1 student)              US$30                           
       Semi-private(2 students)  US$25 per student  
       Group(3 students+)            US$20 per student  

   +Additional Monthly Textbook Fee: US$10/month for Gakushoin Course students only.

Frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly (After the 1st class, you can choose.)                  

Levels: From Beginner to Intermediate    

 1) Gakushoin Level-up Course
 (Kyu/Dan up to Master level)

 2) My Own Pace Course (No kyu/dan by Gakushoin)

Ages: 5 years old and up              
Payment: PayPal, Zelle, Google Pay, Venmo        

Supplies needed: Brushes(big and small), ink, ink stone, thin calligraphy paper(letter size),                                                         paperweight, & underlay

*If you don't have calligraphy supplies, please let me know and I'll assist you in acquiring them.

Time and day can be arranged upon your request.  

Please feel free to contact me from Contact page.

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