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Hello! I'm Yuki Fukushima Hladky, aka Master Kokin.

I was born left-handed and as an elementary school student in Japan struggled with my calligraphy.

So, I started studying with a calligraphy teacher when I was a second grader. She encouraged me to use my right hand to hold the brush.

I practiced once a week with her for 15 years, and in 1988 I was able to pass the exam for Master of Japanese Calligraphy certified by Gakushoin, Tokyo, Japan ( and received my master name Kokin.

Every summer, I submitted a large calligraphy artwork to the National Students Calligraphy Exhibition and I received several awards.

After moving to New York in 1998, I started teaching calligraphy to children and adults and have continued to practice and teach in New York and Tokyo since then. And I started teaching online as well in 2020.

I truly love teaching Japanese Calligraphy in Japanese and English.

Let's enjoy Japanese Calligraphy together!

In addition to teaching, I offer these services:

   Shikishi Boards & Restaurant Menus made to order.

   Available for calligraphy demonstrations at public and private events.


学書院(本部・東京 昭和33年創立認定の正師範 九段、雅号は香錦(こうきん)です。






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